Helsinki Culinary Institute

Helsinki Culinary Institute is a cooking school where people can become masterchefs. Launched by Eero Mäkelä and Gero Hottinger in 1994, this cooking school has introduced the wonderful world of cooking to more than 30 000 happy people, and the story is just beginning. Read more here.


The restaurant Villa Hakkari

The restaurant Villa Hakkari is a summer restaurant in Lempäälä, near Tampere. The spectacular 19th-century manor atmosphere with its gardens and berry bushes is very inspiring for me. Indeed, we pick the majority of the herbs and fruit we use in the restaurant from Villa Hakkari’s garden. The food at Villa Hakkari is unambiguous and made with great care, every plateful created with a lot of passion. Read more here.


Tyrvää Parsonage

Tyrvää Parsonage is a stone parsonage, completed in 1922 in the National Romantic Style. The reborn Parsonage combines delicious food with memorable events. The carefully restored milieu of this parsonage is perfect for your private celebrations as well as corporate entertainment needs. I’m the head architect of the Parsonage’s world of flavour. I create a comprehensive experience of flavours and appearance for our customers, using colours, structures and carefully planned details.

We go on flavour journeys across Europe to the Mediterranean, and back North through Asia. The parsonage combines food and culture in a new way. In ever-surprising combinations, our meals are visually appealing as well as delicious. Read more here.


The restaurant Hella & Huone

The restaurant Hella & Huone Situated near the centre of Tampere, the restaurant Hella & Huone is a fine dining restaurant. This restaurant provides an experience for all of the senses. This is the place where I can put the results of even my wildest ideas on the plate. Each serving is a carefully contemplated work of art, handled with great care. Hella&Huone has been an amazing story already since 2008. Read more here.


Hella & Huone Deli

Hella & Huone Deli is a quick and easy stop at the Tampere train station, offering fresh salads, the best baguettes in Tampere, and delicious sweet treats. Read more here.


Dining26 by Arto Rastas

Opened in January 2016, Dining26 by Arto Rastas is a 50-seater restaurant whose menu dives into Mediterranean flavours. Not just to dishes from Spain, France, Italy and Greece, which traditionally constitute the bulk of the Mediterranean cuisine, but also to dishes from further south, reaching all the way to Morocco and Lebanon. Read more here.