Cooking classes

I organise various inspiring cooking classes around Finland. The customer can select the topics of the class. The classes can be held on the customer’s premises, on rented premises, or on my own premises in Helsinki or Lempäälä.

Food styling

Photographing food is a form of art. Food in itself is an fleeting “work of art”, hopefully delicious enough to disappear from the plate completely. On the other hand, a food photograph is something more permanent, with a task of making its viewers think that the food is amazing.

Catering / Food shows

We provide surprising and unique food for events, parties, exhibitions, openings, or anything, really! The unforgettable experiences we have organised include: the Cannes Film Festival 2013, Ramboll 100, Lahti Tower, Nanso 90th anniversary, World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, Kiilto Oy’s end of the year dinner in Pispala’s log tunnel. Many exhibition openings, shop openings and corporate anniversaries. Numerous private weddings and anniversaries.

Recipe planning/consultation/product development

Cutting-edge recipe planning, consultation and product development for food companies, restaurants and for print. My customers include: Saga cooking and baking papers, Gaggenau, Linkosuo bakery, Decanter Wine Bar & Shop, Sun Spelt, Bioki.


Food-themed lectures about molecular gastronomy, local food, the senses, product development and the newest topical trends. My customers include: Atria, 100 Nuorta kokkia, Sitra, Puustelli.

Photos about my services