I’m a chef who has never found that one single path in life. That’s why I decided to venture on many different paths. By this I mean that one day, I can make very modern and innovative food, while another day, I can and want to make something completely different. However, both of these paths should be distinctly separate. I know how to write recipes that even amateur chefs can follow; I understand how difficult it is for someone from the advertising industry to understand why there are g-s instead of dl-s in a recipe. For me, parsley is not some random garnish from a petrol station café, but one of the finest herbs that grows in this world. I can and want to study what happens to wheat flour when it’s cooked. I want to know why steak is better when cooked at a low temperature. I think it’s absolutely fascinating how varied this world of food really is. I own five restaurants, a deli, and a private cooking school. As you can see, this portfolio is amazingly versatile, and every place is at a separate location. A lot has happened since 1996, when I started my studies at Rovaniemi. The dream about my own restaurant has become true; I’ve been able to work with great business partners, still continuing collaboration with many of them. I’ve been a member of the Finnish National Team of chefs (2008 – 2009), I’ve been successful in individual cooking competitions, I’ve participated in TV programmes and other interesting projects. Currently, I’m also involved with various public appearances and presentations regarding food. I create recipes for magazines and businesses, I do food photography, I provide consultations, and I work together with different agents of this industry.
Arto Rastas